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Brand Design // The Penny Coffee Shop

The Penny Coffee Home

The Penny is a coffee shop coming to the downtown area of Mission, BC that came to me in need of a design for the brand. The mission of The Penny however, is to do much more than just sell coffee. Situated upstairs from a place called Hope Central that acts as a beacon to many that need it, offering meals and help to the down-and-out, The Penny hopes to usher all profits down into Hope Central to fund the projects and help buy supplies and other necessities.

The Penny Final Logo


The building is also one of the oldest in the area (mid 1930’s). We knew the logo had to have a message of hope, and it had to fit into the era of the building, as all of the decor and interior design was going to strongly pull design cues from the era.

There was also, of course, the imagery of The Canadian Penny. The inspiration behind the name, and I was told they were planning to use discontinued Canadian pennies in the design work as a tile backsplash and a couple other places. After a bit of trial and error (Do we use the Queen’s silhouette? -too authoritative. Do we use the maple leaf? -too obvious. A cup of coffee- WAY too obvious.)


In the end we decided to go with the imagery of the dove off of the Canadian centennial penny that was run for one year on Canada’s 100th birthday in 1967. The dove exemplifies hope in an unbiased way and with added distress and a circular motif it really does give the feel of the old pennies.


The Penny Logo Design

For the fonts, we chose a timeless serif, and combined it with a modern minimal and narrow sans serif to tie the past with the future. We created both a circular and non circular version of the logo for use everywhere.

As a result, the brand has a concise and clear image that translates their mission to their client without even having to speak a word.

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  1. Emily Hodgson says:

    I love the logo that your team decided to go with in the end, although, all were very beautiful.

    1. bittyberlinghoff says:

      Thanks so much, it means a lot!

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