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Bearyloved is a premium soy candle company based out of Vancouver that was created by myself and a friend. We wanted the brand identity to exemplify cozy and love while remaining clean and modern with minimal lines.

We came up with a simple bear silhouette that was bold and feminine, and added a subtle heart-shaped nose. The heart nose motif is repeated throughout the branding, on the candle labels and sometimes in the place of the ‘O’ on the BEARYLOVED wordmark. We went with a classic sans-serif typeface to showcase the timelessness of the brand in a modern and sophisticated way.

Logo Design Candle Company Vancouver


Once the logo was figured out, we had to start building the vision of the brand. Together we built a mood board that told the story of the brand with pictures and images to ensure we were on the same page.

Mood Board Bearyloved Brand Identity

Once we were happy with our vibe, we got to work creating photographic content to display the vibe of the brand visually to others on social media and on their website.

We got to work building the website and populating it with all the products, shipping costs, custom banners + graphics that an e-commerce website requires.



Ecommerce Banner Design Custom Ecommerce Banner Design Bearyloved Custom Ecommerce Banner Design Bearyloved Custom Ecommerce Banner Design Bearyloved

And then we got to work making marketing materials, posters and cards for selling at markets and in-stores.Custom Promotion Material Brand Identity Design


Bearyloved now has a strong visible presence that personifies who the brand is, and what it stands for. It has a happy, modern vibe that makes you feel cozy and happy just by looking at it, which reflects in the premium soy candles products, and the social presence. Cohesiveness is key to any strong brand, and Bearyloved is a great example of how you can achieve this.

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  1. Emily Hodgson says:

    The heart shaped nose on the bear is so clever and beautiful.

    1. bittyberlinghoff says:

      Thanks so much Emily! <3

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